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Posthuman + Hue Jah Fink + More
@ John Peel Centre


SQUAREWAVESIGNAL is very pleased to host an evening of moody tech acid electro accompanied by live visuals at the John Peel Centre on 24th October from 8pm. Tickets are on sale online or at the JPC box office for £8 (There's an 80p fee online).

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Formed in 1999, their output has evolved over the years, encompassing many genres & styles from their early electronica releases, to their current acid & slow-mo techno approach. The duo ran London's legendary tube station parties between 2001 and 2004, held in an abandoned underground train station, and are hosts & DJ residents of the acid-house retrospective clubnight "I Love Acid" which evolved into a label of the same name.

From here, Posthuman established themselves as a solid live techno & electronica act, playing shows across the UK and Europe, and releasing several EPs and two more albums on their own label "Seed Records" to excellent critical acclaim.


Hue Jah Fink

DJ set - Producer Hue Jah Fink has been mixing, mastering and DJing since the dawn of rave and brings a wealth of musical knowledge to the fore. Part of the Brainwash collective that stomped all over this year's Glastonbury and founder of the Binary Feedback label which hosts Kirsty Hawkshaw, Savage Rehab, Maztek and the Unsound System. Expect leftfield, spacey soundcapes underpinned by a stomping beat.


Liam Roberts

Live visual projections will be provided by this East-Anglia based visual artist, who has worked with Baths, Daedelus, Lapalux and These Ghosts and at places such as Reading Festival and MiRA Festival in Spain.


The Decibel Kid

Ipswich-based audiovisual hacker who not only composes his own beats and edits his own video but controls it all live in real time from a giant touchscreen he hacked and coded himself. Expect a selection of downtempo, trip-hop and hip-hop beats overlaid with a layer of eastern-influenced sounds and instruments.




Podcast 3


SQUAREWAVESIGNAL's third podcast is finally here, with tracks from France to Florida, London to Latvia, Japan to Amsterdam. Including vaporwave, drum-n-bass, jazz step, lush instrumental hip hop, dark industrial techno & other genre-defying sounds. Also includes details from our upcoming event at the John Peel Centre on Oct 24th.

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Subaeris - Blue Tokyo
(Tokyo, Japan) Off "Blue Tokyo EP" - 5 tracks - Name your price on DMT Tapes - Florida, US
Blue Tokyo EP (Bandcamp)
(Soundcloud) | (Facebook) | (Twitter)

Attunement - Legend
(Chicago, US) Off "Isochronic Vol. 3" - 24 track Compilation - Name your price on Tenth Degree - Portland, US
Isochronic Vol. 3 (Bandcamp)

Beatsofreen - Wah Doo
(Utrecht, Netherlands) Off "Full Circle" - 14 track album - $6 USD or more on King Deluxe - Vancouver
Full Circle (Bandcamp)
(Facebook) | (Twitter)

Taquami - Napoli
(Japan) Off "Moyas" - 4 track EP - $1 USD or more - Independent
Moyas (Bandcamp)
(Soundcloud) | (Instagram)

Nocto - Helena Magdelena
(Strasbourg, France) Off "Next To You" - 6 Track EP - $5 USD or more on Cut - Riga, Latvia
Next To You (Bandcamp)
(Soundcloud) | (Facebook)

TUC - Vorsichst!
(Melbourne, Australia) Off "Victoria Park" - 4 Track album - $7 AUD or more on Analogue Attic Recordings - Melbourne
Victoria Park (Bandcamp)
(Soundcloud) | (Facebook)

Posthuman - Mezzotint
(London, UK) Off "Mountain Electrics" - 21 track compilation - Name your price on Balkan Recordings, London, UK
Mountain Electrics (Bandcamp)
(Facebook) | (Twitter)

Doka - Ask
(Amsterdam, Netherlands) Off "ASK EP" - 3 tracks - 3EUR or more or 12" vinyl at 8EUR on Wolfskull - Nijmegen, Netherlands
ASK EP (Bandcamp)
(Soundcloud) | (Facebook)

Leemajik - Deli
(Slovenia) Off "Wrong is new right" - 6 Track EP - Name your price - Independent
Wrong is new right (Bandcamp)

Ichiro_ - Wakame
(Japan) Off "Fleeting EP" - 4 tracks - FREE DOWNLOAD - Independent - very very good!
Fleeting EP (Bandcamp)
(Website) | (Facebook)

Zero Tep - Swimming on the Roof
(Wisconsin, USA) Off "Afterglow" - 11 track album - $3 USD or more - Independent
Afterglow (Bandcamp)
(Soundcloud) | (Facebook) | (Twitter)

EPKA - Carnavalet Ft. YLS
(Paris, France) Off "Corals" - 4 track EP - Name Your Price - Independent
Corals (Bandcamp)

Dataline - Took It All
(Gothenburg, Sweden) Off "Mistakes EP" - 12 track album - £5 GBP or more - Independent
Mistakes EP (Bandcamp)
(Website) | (Facebook) | (Twitter)

Below are a bunch of links to tracks, artists and albums that didn't quite make the cut